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Download Destination logoClick here to checkout and download books, audiobooks and stream video

Checkout ebooks, audiobooks and stream video on your computer, eReader, Tablet, MP3 player, smartphone or other mobile devices. Click here to check for compatible devices.

  • Checkout period: 7, 14 or 21 days (your choice)
  • Checkout limit: 6
  • To checkout and download, you will need:
    • A valid library card
    • Internet access
    • A computer and/or compatible portable mobile device
    • Free software from Download Destination installed on computers or the free OverDrive Media Console App for your Apple or Android device

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Use the links below for instructions on how to download free library eBooks/audiobooks.

Tablet and Smartphone (Android and Apple)

printer-friendly Install the OverDrive App onto Tablets and Smartphones to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks (including Kindle Fire and Nook Color & Tablet)

Kindle (e-ink):

printer-friendly Read ebooks on your e-ink Kindle

printer-friendly Listen to audiobooks on your e-ink Kindle (if it has audio)

Nook GlowLight Plus:

printer-friendly Read ebooks on your GlowLight Plus 

Computer (PC & Mac):

printer-friendly Read ebooks on your computer

printer-friendly Listen to audiobooks on your computer

Stream Video on a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

printer-friendly Stream Video on a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone



Zinio logoClick here for Downloadable Magazines

printer-friendly Magazine Titles in the Zinio Collection 

Use the links below to view videos on how to download magazines.

For iPad users

For Android users

For Kindle tablet users

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Freegal logoClick here for free downloadable music

Use your library card number and PIN to log onto the website to download your free music.

  • Music format: MP3 format
  • No software required
  • DRM(Digital Rights Management)-Free
  • Download 5 songs per week (it doesn’t accumulate)
  • Music files never expire
  • Works with Windows PC and Mac Computer
  • Transfers to most devices
  • Includes Sony Music catalog with thousands of artists

printer-friendly Click here for instructions on downloading Music from Freegal.



Odilo logoClick here for additional ebooks.

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printer-friendly Odilo Users Guide

Eread with TLNDownload the eRead with TLN Odilo app to read on you tablet or smartphone.