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Historical Commission

Since 1983, the Novi Historical Commission has worked in partnership with the City of Novi, Novi Public Library, educators, and others to provide programs and services concerning the history of our community. The collection and preservation of the history of Novi is being accomplished through the solicitation of donated documents, photographs, and recorded personal experiences. The Commission’s work includes the development of presentations, exhibits, and events that showcase the over 180 year history of Novi. The Novi Historical Commission is located within the Novi Public Library and offers open office hours in the Local History Room on the first and third Mondays of each month.

Historical Commission Resource Management Plan

Cemetery Map

Villa Barr Tales, Trails, and Details

Villa Barr Tales, Trails and Details book coverThe Novi Historical Commission is selling Villa Barr Tales, Trails and Details written by world renowned artist David Barr. Books can be purchased for $20.00 at the Novi Library check-out desk in the main lobby.

This book is the story of the home, grounds and sculpture of Villa Barr, Novi’s Cultural Education Center.

Take a Tour of Villa Barr

Historical Commission Members

Dan Pierce
Debbie Wrobel
Dhara Sanghavi
Kathy Crawford
Kelly Kasper
Kim Nice
Rachel Manela

Staff Liaisons:
Julie Farkas
Betty Lang

Historical Commission Bylaws

Historical Commission Bylaws - 1983

Contact Us

For more information, or questions about the Historical Commission, please contact us.

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