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Recent Events

Michigan In Perspective
Petticoat Patriot
Stories, Songs and Dances of the Voyageur
Thank God For Michigan

Stories, Songs and Dances Of The Voyageur

This program was an interactive story of an orphan from France who is recruited to work in the Michigan fur trade as an indentured servant. Genot Picor, storyteller, musician and dancer shared stories, songs and even taught the audience dances of the period.



“Thank God for Michigan” And Its Underground Railroad

Lois Sprengnether Keel, Librarian and Performer told about the life of Liberetta Lerich Green one of Michigan’s volunteers on the Underground Railroad. Liberetta grew up in a southeastern Michigan family committed to abolition.

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Petticoat Patriots: How Michigan Women Won The Vote

A member of the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame explained how women in Michigan worked towards suffrage. The state’s first bill on woman suffrage was defeated by one vote. One year later women taxpayers were granted the right to vote for school trustees, but total woman suffrage was rejected.


“Michigan in Perspective” Sponsored By The Historical Society Of Michigan

Some members recently attended the local history conference “Michigan in Perspective” sponsored by The Historical Society of Michigan.