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Upcoming Events

Document Donation day

Sunday, 2-4pm

Donate photos, school yearbooks, letters or other documents pertaining to the history of Novi which can be added to the collection! If you wish to take your original documents home, there will be someone on hand to scan and return them to you. Local History Room tours will also be available.

Ages: 16+
Price: Free Community Event
Registration Begins: No Registration
Location: Local History Room 227

The Northville Psychiatric Hospital

Oct 24,

Thursday, 7-8:30pm

Learn about the history of this State hospital that operated from the 1940s to the early 2000s. It was built out of an increasing need for psychiatric institutions, but went from defunding to abandonment of the property.

Ages: 16+
Price: Free Community Event
Registration Begins: Aug 1
Location: Whole Meeting Room

The Exciting Story of the Novi Special

Oct 30,

Thursday, 7-8:30pm

In 1940, Novi’s Lew Welch was commissioned to make a racing engine that would become known as the Novi Special, thrilling fans at the Indianapolis Speedway for a quarter century. When it was retired in 1966, the Novi Special remained the most powerful car on the track, boasting eight hundred forty horsepower, a fourwheel- drive transmission, and a supercharger that spun at forty thousand RPM. Come hear the whole story. 

Age: 12+
Price: Free Community Event
Registration Begins: Aug 1
Location: Novi Civic Center

19th Cen. Evolution of Football

January 23
Thursday, 7pm

Join Jim Craft as he takes us on a journey through the history of Football. From town-football to soccer, rugby and American football, this talk covers the evolution of the sport. Over 18 million people watch the NFL and almost 4 billion tune in worldwide to watch FIFA Soccer. Come learn about the beginnings of these mega sports.