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Bank Building

Bank Building

Bank Building
43341 Grand River, Novi, Michigan 48377

This building and the one story shop building to the east were built in 1929. The two story building on the corner was originally constructed as a bank. However, the building was never operated as such due to the 1929 stock market crash and attendant run on banks. The building is constructed in the classical revival style with brick and limestone walls. This building is the most prominent remaining from the days that Novi was known as “Novi Corners.” The architecture of the building attempts to communicate the security, solidity and permanence that towns people, merchants and farmers of the day expected of their bank.

The line of shops to the east of the old bank building is the only contiguous commercial block to survive from the pre-freeway days of the village of Novi. This block of business shaped much of the image of the village as travelers passed by on the Grand River Road.

From: Preliminary Report and Recommendations of the Novi Historic District Study Committee, May 1999.