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Erwins Orchard

Erwins Orchard

Erwin’s Orchard
Early to mid 1900’s
SE corner of Ten Mile and Novi Roads, Novi, Michigan 48377

Novi was once a community based on Agriculture. Grains and other annual crops, live stock and especially, orchards were fundamental to the prosperity of the area. Apples, pears and other tree fruits were once grown throughout Michigan. In the early 1900’s, Oakland County lead the state in apple production and Novi was one of the leading fruit production areas in the county. If you look at old air photos of the community, orchards occur throughout the area. Even today, the remnants of orchards occur everywhere in Novi. Even the names of neighborhoods such as Orchard Ridge, Orchard Hills and Simmons Orchard reflect the character of the farm community that was once Novi.

Located on the SE corner of the Novi and Ten Mile Roads, Erwin Orchards was a prime example of the orchards that were once so prevalent in the city. Before moving to South Lyon, the Erwin family based their business in Novi. The last trees from one of their pear orchards can still be seen at this location.

Erwins Orchard   Erwins Orchard