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Methodist Church

Oakland Baptist Church

Methodist Church
Currently: 23893 Beck Road, Novi, Michigan
Originally: 43489 Grand River, Novi, Michigan

The church was started in 1875 with $200 and dedicated in l876. The bell in the tower weighed 750 pounds. The first pastor was Rev. John A. Boughman. The church closed for several years in the l920s. It reopened in June 2, l929. In the spring of l997, the building was moved to its current site on Beck Road by the Oakland Baptist Church. At some point in its past, the building lost its bell tower.

From: History of Oakland County Michigan
(1877) by Samuel W. Durant
In the year 1875 steps were taken towards the erection of a suitable house of worship. A location was selected in the west part of the village of Novi Corners, and a lot was purchased there from Mr. C. C. Gage, at the price of two hundred dollars. On this lot the church was built, and was dedicated March 22, 1876. It is a handsome frame edifice, twenty eight by forty-five feet in size, with seating capacity of one hundred and sixty. Its cost was seventeen hundred and fifty dollars. In the tower is a fine-toned bell of seven hundred and fifty pounds weight.