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Novi Township Hall

Novi Town Hall

Old Township Hall
45285 W. Ten Mile Road, just west of Novi Public Library

Novi Town HallThe Novi Town Hall was originally sited on Novi Road just south of Grand River. The property was donated by C.C. Cage. Novi’s first Town Hall, constructed in 1876 at a cost of $800, caught fire in an electrical storm and was destroyed in 1912. The present white frame building was constructed in 1914 and owned for many years by Frazer Staman, a former Novi supervisor. The building was sold by Frazer and Irene Staman to the Novi Historical Society whose members raised the money to move it from its original location and provided the labor to restore it and then donated it to the city. In 1986, the building was moved from Novi Road to a site just west of the old Novi Library. The Novi Town Hall was moved a few hundred feet southwest again in 2008 to make way for the new Novi library. When the Town Hall was placed at its current location in Novi’s Fuerst Park, it received the addition of the wing containing restroom facilities.