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Sally Thorton Residence

Sally Thornton Residence

Sally Thornton House

Sally Thornton HouseSally Thornton, a 48-year-old widow, came to Novi with her five children who were in their teens and early twenties. Like many early settlers to Novi, The Thornton family came to Novi from the state of New York. They arrived in 1827. The Thornton family travelled in a party lead by William Yerkes. One of the Thornton daughters was married into the Yerkes family. Sometime after arriving in the Novi area, she bought 400 acres on both sides of Novi Road just north of Nine Mile Road. Initially, the Thorntons lived in a log cabin that was located on the west side of Novi Road, but later moved to the east side of the Road. Sally Thornton built a Greek Revival house on the east side of Novi Road in 1860.

In 1992, the house was rescued from destruction and moved to its current site on Eleven Mile Road by investor William Garfield. The Thornton House was expanded to about twice its original size after it was relocated to its present site.