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Homework Helper

The Novi Public Library offers a Quiet Study Room with seven individual carrels and lounge seating plus nine group study rooms for team work. Computers and printers are available for use with a Novi Library card.

Databases for Homework Help

Learning Express

Practice exams for college entrance tests including the ACT & SAT; Skills improvement courses for elementary through high school students; eBooks for academic and civil tests
Connect to the Learning Express database.

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Looking for live online homework assistance from expert tutors? No matter the subject give a try.

Recommended WebsitesRecommended Websites For Homework Help

Free, librarian reviewed online homework and research websites.

Computer Science & Coding

Health Resources






ResearchE-Reference Books

Electronic Reference Books for research.

Teacher Curriculum

22 Dog-Themed Lesson Plans for Teachers

Drama and Theater Lessons for Kids

The Story of Building & Rebuilding the White House

12 Fresh Ideas for Social Studies

Engineering the Future: The Educator’s Guide to Building and Construction

Minds-on Activities for Teaching Biology

Real World Lessons: Understanding Taxes

How to Trace Your Family Tree

Creative Writing Lesson Plans

Addiction Prevention: Essential Lesson Plans for K-12 Educators