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A STEAM Kit is a take-home set of something to play with that fits in one of five categories: science, technology, engineering, arts, or math.

STEAM Kits can be checked out for 7 days and are not renewable. The kit must be returned to the NPL Circulation Desk only. Due to the valuable and breakable components of the kits, If the kit is returned to another library, through the lobby slots, or through the Manual or Automatic Drop Boxes, a $10.00 fine will be assessed.

PDF Icon STEAM Kit List

Watch and Learn!

Click here to view a YouTube playlist with videos showing you how to use some of our STEAM kits!

Kit #1: Color

This kit shows us the properties of different colors and how mixing primary colors will result in secondary colors. The kit includes three Color Discovery Tubes and a book called Experiments with Light and Color.

Replacement Cost: $100

Color Discovery Tubes   Color Discovery Tubes

Experiments with Light and Color

Kit #2: Drawing

Sharpen your drawing skills with this set. Included are two learn to draw books - Art for Kids: Drawing by Kathryn Temple and Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals by Ed Emberley. There is also an art history book, The School of Art by Teal Riggs. A pencil set is also included to get you started.

Replacement cost: $75.00

Drawing Books

Kit #3: Spirograph

Explore the classic Spirograph with this set. Use the interlocking gears and wheels to make intricate, spiraling, and elegant designs.

Click here to view a video to learn how to use the spirograph!

Replacement Cost: $25.00

Spirograph   Kit-3-(2).jpg

Kit # 4: Paper Folding

Learn the art of paper folding with this kit. Two books are included - Easy Origami and Cool Flexagon Art. A container with origami paper is provided to get you started.

Replacement Cost: $50.00

Paper Folding

Kit #5: Fossils

This kit will let you explore fossils. There are nine fossils to examine with a magnifying glass. Also included are four books to help you learn about fossil identification, dig sites, and living fossils.

Replacement Cost: $100.00


Kit #6: Birding

Learn all about the birds of Michigan and North America with this kit. Use the binoculars to help you find birds right in your backyard. How many can you find?

Replacement Cost: $50.00


Kit #7: Insects

With this kit you will be able to inspect 10 creepy crawly insects up close! This kit contains 10 encased specimens and magnifying glass. It also includes two books: DK Insect with a Clip-Art CD and National Geographic’s Ultimate Bugopedia.

Replacement Cost: $100


Kit #8: Forces

With this kit you will learn about the science behind force and motion through experiments with inclined planes, fixed and movable pulleys and more. This kit contains the Force and Motion Physical Science Lab set from Lakeshore Learning and an Experiments in Forces and Motion book.

Replacement Cost: $50



Kit #9: Magnetic Tiles

Get creative with magnetic tiles. Use your imagination to build cool 3D structures with this 100 piece set. Learn about color, geometric shapes, magnetic polarity, and architecture.

Replacement Cost: $55.00


Kit #10: Liquid

Learn all about viscosity and gravity, how things sink and float, currents and separation with four liquid filled tubes. This kit contains a book and a set of four Liquid Discovery Tubes by Lakeshore Learning.

Replacement Cost: $100

Lakeshore Liquid Discovery Tubes

Liquid Discovery Tubes   Liquids Book

Kit #11: Space-Planets

This kit is out of this world—watch the planets orbit our Sun! It contains a motorized Solar System and Planetarium, a National Geographic Planets DVD, a National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space and an Out of this World Planets book.

Replacement Cost: $100


Kit #12: Space-Planetarium

See the universe from the comfort of your own home with a Planetarium projector with multiple viewing slides of planets, nebulae, moons, asteroids, and other celestial bodies. This kit contains a Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector and the book A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky.

Replacement Cost: $75


Kit #13: Telescope

Explore the night sky with this tabletop telescope. Use the two books, 50 Things to See with a Telescope by John A. Read and Night Sky from National Geographic to help you find stars and planets.

Replacement Cost: $100.00 

Telescope   Microscope Lenses

Telescope Books

Kit #14: Microscope

Magnify up to 1000X with this LED lit microscope. There is a 10X and 25X eyepiece. Use the phone adapter to take pictures and share your findings. Also included are 10 slides- 5 prepared and 5 blank to explore on your own.

Replacement cost: $75


Kits #15 and #16: Dot

These kits makes Dot the Wonder Robot come to life using the Wonder and Blockly apps. Tell Dot what to do by programming Dot’s lights, sounds, and sensors using the apps on your Android or Apple phone or tablet. This kit includes Dot the Wonder Robot and a USB charging cable.

Replacement Cost: $75

wonder workshop - dot   wonder workshop - dot
dot logo   dot logo

Kit #17: Osmo Genius Kit for iPad

Use the Osmo Genius Kit with your own iPad to play games that enhance reading & vocabulary, number sense & math confidence, problem solving, as well as creativity & imagination. Use the included tangram pieces, letter tiles, and number tiles to add to the fun!

NOTE: iPad is not provided. For information on compatible devices, please go to An internet connection is needed to use Osmo.

Replacement cost: $100


Kit #18: Osmo Genius Kit for Amazon Fire Tablet

Use the Osmo Genius Kit with your own Amazon Fire Tablet to play games that enhance reading & vocabulary, number sense & math confidence, problem solving, as well as creativity & imagination. Use the included tangram pieces, letter tiles, and number tiles to add to the fun!

NOTE: Amazon Fire Tablet is not provided. For information on compatible devices, please go to An internet connection is needed to use Osmo.

Replacement cost: $100


Kit #19: LittleBits

Play with light, sound, sensing and buttons with this 10-piece circuit kit that contains a DC motor, dimmer, light sensor, and more. Work on the 8 projects provided in the manual or build one of the hundreds you can find online! This kit contains the LittleBits 10-Piece Base Kit.

Replacement Cost: $125

little bits Base Kit

little bits base kit

Kit #20: Circuits

Build a radio, a burglar alarm, a doorbell and more with this 60-piece Snap Circuit set. Transform pieces into over 300 combinations! This kit includes the Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit.

Replacement Cost: $75

Electronic Snap Circuits

Electronic Snap Circuits

Kit #21: Makey

With this kit, you can replace your mouse and keyboard with a Makey Makey! Hook up this circuit board to your computer and visit their site, draw with paint, or use with Scratch to create any program you can think up. This kit contains a Makey Makey with alligator clips and computer cord as well as Playdoh for connecting circuits.

Replacement Cost: $75



Kit #22 Bit Coding Robot

Bit is a pocket sized coding robot. With two ways to code, it couldn’t be easier to learn coding. Use the included markers to draw commands for the Bit to follow. For more advanced coding, use the OzoBlockly online programming editor.

Replacement Cost: $60



Equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights, this educational robot is more than a mini robot toy. Sphero Mini is the perfect entry into robotics for beginners!
Replacement Cost: $65.00


Kits #24: VR

Turn a smartphone into a virtual reality experience! With these kits, you can use a VR Headset to explore new worlds. Just clip your smartphone into the headset while a VR app (like Google Cardboard) is loaded. This kit contains a Taotronics VR headset, a Google Cardboard Headset and Virtual Reality book.

Replacement Cost: $75


Kit #25: Coding

Learn all about Scratch Coding with this kit! It includes information about bugs, fixes and online safety. This kit contains four different books and a set of Scratch Coding Flashcards.

Replacement Cost: $75

Scratch Coding Cards   Kids Get Coding - Online Safety for Coders

Kids Get Coding - Coding, Bugs, and Fixes   Kids Get Coding - A World of Programming   Kids Get Coding - Learn to Program

Kit #26: Glockenspiel

This glockenspiel is a great way for children to learn about music and harmony. The 25 notes are arranged just like a piano. It is mounted inside a durable case and includes two mallets. Learn to play songs from the included book: 20 Xylophone Songs and Melodies.

Click here to view a video showing how to use the glockenspiel!

Replacement Cost: $45


Kit #27 Boom Whackers

Have fun making music with Boomwhackers! Included are eight tuned percussion tubes, two Octavator Caps, a CD of Boomwhacker music and a DVD about Boomwhackers. Use the Boom Whack Attack book to learn how to play songs with the Boomwhackers.

Replacement Cost: $55.00



Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist lets kids discover the fun of coding as they use their problem-solving and sequencing skills to code a path for their buddy to follow. Just twist the dials to program a path and watch Code-a-pillar Twist go!

Click here to view a video showing the coding caterpillar in action!

Replacement Cost: $40