Back To School Updates

It's back-to-school time which means NPL will be busy with community members visiting to access our spaces, resources, materials, and more. We have a few important reminders for you as we prepare to welcome back many of Novi's students.

After School in Our Parking Lot

Do not use NPL's parking lot as a pick-up location after school. If your student is using the library, find a designated parking spot to park in and wait for your student to exit the library. Avoid parking in emergency and disabled spaces. Please take time to speak with your student about the importance of following safety guidelines, using crosswalks, and being cautious while riding a bike or walking to and from school.

Busy Times at NPL

The busiest time to visit NPL is Monday-Friday, from 2:30-5pm. On average, close to 400 guests use the Library during this timeframe. While this may be a convenient time for some, it can also be crowded and noisier than usual. By visiting during non-busy hours, you can enjoy a more peaceful and productive experience. During busy times, tables, study rooms, and computers may be in high demand, making it difficult to secure what you need. However, during non-busy hours, you may have a better chance of finding and utilizing these resources. We also have a Quiet Study Room in the center of the second floor that is always designated for silent reading and study.

Unattended Children

Parents, guardians or caregivers of children under the age of seven must be responsible for maintaining visual contact with and be in the presence of their child at all times. Library staff have observed small children wandering close to the building's front doors without a caregiver present. This poses a safety risk as the driveway is very busy. Click here to review our Unattended Child policy.

Study Rooms

NPL offers many rooms and open spaces for working, studying, reading and socializing. Some of our policies and procedures related to these spaces have changed. NPL has study rooms on both floors. The rooms are first-come, first-served, and single users will no longer be asked to relocate to accommodate groups.

Additional tables are available throughout the building. Please note that some areas are designed with particular age groups in mind.

Rentable Meeting Rooms

Our meeting room rental fees have been updated. Our smallest room starts at $10 per hour for residents. See additional info here. Please note that no meeting rooms are available for guest use without a paid meeting room rental.

Food in the Library

Food deliveries cannot be accepted within 100 feet of the main library doors or in designated emergency and accessible parking areas. Additionally, our staff is not authorized to accept food items from delivery sources. The library is not responsible for any food items that are delivered but not accepted by a guest and left unattended on the library property. We encourage our guests to purchase food from our on-site Café, which is available Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm. We appreciate your cooperation!