Thank you for your interest in our 3D printing services! Please note:

- We accept .stl files - please submit only one object per .stl file on each print request form
- We only use PLA filament
- Print jobs must be under 15 hours as we do not run the printer overnight
- Library staff is not responsible for adjusting your 3D model - please submit the size to be printed 
- The design must fit within the build space of of 11.5” x 11.5” x 11”
- Once you submit your STL file, a team member will send you a quote
- Our Library staff will make two attempts to print your request.

3D printing is only available by submitting an STL file through the 3D printing request form.

Click here to view our iCube Usage Policy

More information about our Raise3D Pro can be found here.

To preview how our Raise3D Pro 2 printer will handle your file, download Ideamaker for free.

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