By Authority of the City of Novi: There is hereby created a commission to be known as the City of Novi Historical Commission. Consistent with the ordinance by which it was created, City of Novi Ordinance No. 83-110, as amended, Section 17-16, et seq. of the City Code:

It is the duty of the Commission to collect, arrange, and preserve historical material, including books, pamphlets, maps, charts, manuscripts, papers, copies of domestic and foreign records and archives, paintings, statuary, documentation of building, structure, object, and site details such as architectural descriptions and historic designations and the notation of deteriorated conditions of materials. In addition, other objects and material illustrative of and relating to the history of the City and surrounding area will be used to procure and preserve narratives of the early pioneers, prominent people, businesses, and city events about and in the city of Novi. This includes but is not limited to mayors, City Council members, City employees, noteworthy residents, artists, veterans, public safety officials (Fire and Police), and business owners.

The Commission will work to discover, honor, preserve, and protect; landmarks, houses, buildings, and historic places through plaques, signs, and documentation, and objects indicative of the life, customs, dress and resources of the early residents as well as ongoing and present community members of the city and surrounding area to preserve for future generations. The Commission will strive to publish materials and historical studies relative to and illustrative of the history of the city and surrounding area. The Commission will cooperate with and assist other local and state historical societies, and the public library, with a view toward gathering historical material pertaining to the City and its past and current residents.

Since 1983, the Novi Historical Commission has worked in partnership with the City of Novi, Novi Public Library, educators, and others to provide programs and services concerning the history of our community. The collection and preservation of the history of Novi is being accomplished through the solicitation of donated documents, photographs, and recorded persona l experiences. The Commission’s work includes the development of presentations, exhibits, and events that showcase the over 180 year history of Novi. The Novi Historical Commission is located within the Novi Public Library and offers open office hours in the Local History Room on the first and third Mondays of each month.

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Villa Barr Tales, Trails, and Details

Villa Barr Book CoverThe Novi Historical Commission is selling Villa Barr Tales, Trails and Details written by world renowned artist David Barr. Books can be purchased for $20.00 at the Novi Library check-out desk in the main lobby.

This book is the story of the home, grounds and sculpture of Villa Barr, Novi’s Cultural Education Center.

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Local History Room

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