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From the Libby app, young readers can set their Preferences to only see Juvenile or Young Adult content. They can also visit the Explore tab and navigate to the Kids or Teens Guides to browse curated collections.

Hoopla has introduced Kids Mode, which limits content to that appropriate for children 12 and under.
To enter Kids Mode on the Hoopla website, after signing in, click KIDS Mode at the at  the top of the page to turn it on.
On the hoopla app, tap KIDS at the top of the page. A check mark will indicated it has been turned on.
Follow the same steps to exit Kids Mode.  
Kanopy requires users to be 18 or older to create an account, so it is recommended that parents first create their Kanopy account and then set up parental controls to limit their children’s visit to only Kanopy Kids. While in Kids Mode, watch lists and viewing histories will automatically be filtered to show only age-appropriate content.

Click HERE for Kanopy Kids FAQs.
TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a fun format. They are created by taking existing picture books, adding animation, sounds, music and narration to produce an ebook which you can read, or have read to you.
Use the language drop-down menu to view the site in French and Spanish, instead of English.