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"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known"  ~Oscar Wilde

The Novi Public Library is home to an amazing collection of unique pieces of art. With an Art Brochure, take a walking tour of the artwork located throughout the Library and on the Library's grounds and learn more about the artists and their work.

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First Floor

  • Introduction
  • Animals
  • Stories
  • Transportation
  • Prehistoric Earth

Second Floor

  • World Cultures (12 separate displays)
  • Oceania and Poles
  • Americas
  • Plants and Flowers

Life Tiles Collection
Eifel Tower Painting Novi Public Library Logo Painting

The Life Tiles collection consists of 1,600 different hand-crafted ceramic tiles created by local Artist, Educator, and long-time Novi Resident, Connie Lunski. The Life Tiles tell a unique visual story of our living universe from its beginning, billions of years ago, through our civilizations of today. There are 20 different Life Tile displays located throughout the Library:

Maha Maze


Generously donated by the Davio family in memory of long-time library patron, Carol Davio, this sweeping, freeform, multi-dimensional sculpture was created by Renee Dinauer. Renee has been creating a plethora of unique, freeform wall and free hanging sculpture formed of steam-bent hardwood since 1990. The sweeping bent elements are dyed, or painted and subsequently glue clamped into ridged forms to be fine finished. She has a great interest in constructivism of all kinds; as sculpture, or even architecture; challenging, traditional material bounds. Her greatest interest involves the study of surfaces, especially those alluding to a four-dimensional topological source, or extrapolation. See the Library’s newest art, displayed on the first floor across from the café. 

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

In Loving Memory of Our Friend
Myrtle Locke

The Tree of Life, located in the main lobby behind the check-out desk, is made of metal, and was donated in memory of the Library’s dear friend and long-time patron, Myrtle Locke. Myrtle was a member of the Friends of the Novi Library for over 30 years as well as a Library Board member from 1988-1997. The tree is a representation of the universal symbol for “life”. 

Glass Apples

Glass Apples

At the top of the staircase on the second floor is the display of 16 beautiful hand-blown glass apples, created by Richard Ritter. Richard is a graduate of Northville High School and the Center of Creative Studies in Detroit. His collections are showcased in the Detroit Institute of Arts, as well as an impressive variety of museums and galleries worldwide. The Library's apple sculpture celebrates the City's history of apple orchards and symbolizes knowledge, associated with many of the resources at the Library.

Jumping on Books Mosaic

Mosaic Art

The Sherrill Berman Activity Room showcases a charming glass mosaic inspired by a classic youth book. The impressive mosaic was designed by local artists, Dani Katsir and Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan, while the mosaic's glass was carefully cut, glued, and positioned by the friends and family of Sherrill Berman.

Reading Through Time Mural

Reading Through Time Mural

Surrounding the Novi Special Race Car in the youth area on the first floor is the aptly titled, "Reading through Time" mural, designed and hand-painted by Michigan Artist, Stacy Schwartz. This intricate mural shows transportation through history, including stories and items of local interest, including Novi landmarks.

Three Children Reading Sculpture

Three children reading sculpture

As you enter the Library, you are greeted by a beautiful cast bronze sculpture of three children reading on a bench. This sculpture was designed by Randolph Rose of Yonkers, New York and donated by the Friends of the Novi Public Library.

The Librarian Sculpture

Librarian Sculpture

Standing tall at the main entrance drive as cars enter from 10 Mile Road, is "The Librarian". Formed out of the international symbol for "library", this stunning sculpture was created by highly respected Toledo artist, Jim Havens.

In Good Hands

In Good Hands Painting

This piece of art titled “In Good Hands” was created by artist Sylvia Aruffo and donated to the Library by her parents Ernest and Eva Dawn Aruffo. 

Growing Together Quilt

Art Quilt

Located in the Library’s lobby by the Self Check-Out Stations is a beautiful quilt that was made in partnership with MSU Tollgate and our Growing Together event from Spring 2015.

I Love My Country Statue

Love My Country Statue

In honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary this bronze patriotic statue located on the Library’alts patio is to commemorate Hugh and Kathy Crawford. Both very active in the community, Hugh and Kathy have a long history of public service for Oakland County and Novi. In lieu of gifts, the Crawford’s gave their guests the opportunity to make a donation to the Library for the purchase of this statue. This statue was designed by Randolph Rose of Yonkers, New York.

Autumn Kaleidoscope

Autumn Kaleidoscope Painting

Autumn Kaleidoscope was created by artist Emilie Beadle through the use of oil paint applied in many layers entirely with a palette knife. A palette knife is a flexible pointed steel spatula. The work represents the fall season, and the beauty and wonder that it brings. It has been broken down to its simplest form of color, which has been arranged in a precise way to capture the essence of autumn here in Michigan. This artwork is dedicated in memory of Bob Prost, an artist and avid reader. It honors his commitment to the arts, the Library and family. Dedicated on May 15, 2016.

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