Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Novi Public Library

Lakeshore Lending Library

Visit Lakeshore Lending Library, Michigan's FIRST self-service library kiosk, now open for Novi residents to enjoy at Lakeshore Park! Lakeshore Lending Library holds 235 items, including adult best sellers, large print, biographies, picture books, youth, tween and young adult fiction, and DVDs/Blu-rays. Guests can check out up to 5 items per valid Novi library card using the touch screen on the front of the kiosk. We are thrilled to provide easier accessibility to library materials for residents in the North end of Novi! Click here for more information.

Coming in 2021-2022

  • Staff In-Service: Novi Library staff received diversity training at their August 20, 2021 In-Service. $3,500.00 was dedicated towards Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence training.
  • Collections: Approximately $46,000.00 (15% of the total Collections budget) will go towards the purchase of diverse materials for all ages. This also includes materials purchased for Lakeshore Lending Library.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Account$2,000.00 is currently available for DEI initiatives in the 2021-2022 budget, which includes a $1,000.00 matching donation from a community member. This new account will continue to grow through donations and other avenues. 
  • Patron Point: This automated email marketing system will allow us to reach 20,000+ cardholders with valid emails. Patron Point will also include online card renewal and library card sign up, both of which will create easier ways for Novi residents to access library materials.
  • Art Display: The Friends of the Novi Library sponsored a $1,500.00 art display system for the 2nd Floor which will allow us to create a cultural art area for local artists.

BOARD Statement (approved May 27, 2021)

The Novi Public Library is committing to ensure that every Novi community member, library guest, Board of Trustee member, library staff and volunteer, are treated with dignity and respect. Discrimination, bigotry and racism with will not be tolerated. The Board and staff are dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in order to create a comfortable, safe and supportive library environment for all.

In September 2020, the NPL Board of Trustees unanimously supported the creation of a standing committee for DEI.

Goals (Approved September 24, 2020)

  • Monitor our equity footprint for guest involvement
  • Monitor our equity footprint in collections
  • Monitor our equity footprint for accountability
  • To positively and effectively influence outreach and partnerships pertaining to race relations
  • Increase staff and community advocacy, awareness and education of DEI initiatives
  • Commit to equal opportunity in employment opportunities and upward mobility for all applicants and employees, including those from historically marginalized populations.
If you would like to connect with the DEI Committee and ask questions or express comments, please email DEInovilibrary@novilibrary.org. This email is reviewed by members of the committee, therefore a response back may take up to 48 hours. They appreciate your patience as they work to respond in the best way possible.

DEI Committee Recommends


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