Kaleidoscope Series

Fall 2022

Tipping Pointe Theatre

Thu, 7pm
Oct 20
Tipping Pointe Theatre is both a place and a team of professionals – artists, directors, set and costume designers, and playwrights. Accessible, affordable, and award-winning live performances are enjoyed by more than 22,000 people at this Northville theater every year. Meet its artistic directors, learn about this non-profit Actors Equity Assn. group, its upcoming productions – a unique cultural gem.
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More than a Museum

Thu, 7pm
Nov 17

For just over 100 years the Detroit Historical Society has encouraged historical scholarship, preservation, and education. The stories of Detroit – the city and its people – are captured in the museum’s collections of more than 250,000 artifacts and documents and shared through award-winning exhibitions, tours, programs, and publications. Join us in this time-traveling event!
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